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International roaming

International roaming service recommendations

If you, a customer, are going abroad with mobile phone, you’re able to check the web site of mobile communication service provider, an operator company that you’ve chosen to get detailed information about roaming service tariff.

We provide you a brief introduction about the international call and message roaming service of mobile communications.

What is the roaming service?

International roaming service is the service that provides the customer a possibility to use his phone number to make call or text message while he’s going abroad and in network of another country.

If you open the roaming service right, you can get the following services, of which:

Post-paid customer:

  • Use the own number to make and receive calls in foreign countries;
  • Send message and receive free-of-charge message;
  • Use data/internet and BlackBerry services and surf internet on the phone, to receive and reply business and private e-mails;
  • Use MMS service and send photos and videos taken by phone via message;
  • Receive MobiMedia service information free of charge; and
  • Use additional services based on message.

Pre-paid customer:

  • Send message and receive free-of-charge message;
  • Use additional services based on message;
  • Not required to pay deposit and it’s enough to have credit in balance; and
  • Possible to control the payment.

Roaming service tariff

There’s a payment on both incoming and outgoing way if you make a call through international roaming service. In other words, you have to pay payment when you receive a call. However, it’s relatively cheaper than the outgoing call. But, the customer in Mongolia who is calling to you will pay the ordinary calling payment, which is as same as in Mongolia.

Roaming service tariff shall be invoiced as tariff of directly selected or customer-selected roaming operator from the operators of the visiting country and shall consist of following payments, including:

  • Calling payment (Payment for outgoing and incoming calls);
  • Data transfer service payment (Data/Internet, WAP, MMS, MobiMedia-2, BlackBerry);
  • Payment of Message and message-based additional services.

Please download the tariff of operator in country you’re visiting from the following links:

If you’re a customer of Mobicom (numbered 99-Ñ…Ñ…-Ñ…Ñ…Ñ…Ñ…; 95-xx-xxxx; 94-xx-xxxx):


If you’re a customer of Unitel (numbered 88-xx-xxxx; 89-xx-xxxx):


If you’re a customer of Skytel (numbered 91-Ñ…Ñ…-Ñ…Ñ…Ñ…Ñ…; 96-xx-xxxx):