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Internet and broadband service recommendations

Why is internet connection speed low sometimes?

It’s caused due to several reasons.

  • PC or computer settings

Internet connection speed becomes lower due to computers with wrong settings. Insufficient memory, overloaded processor, out-of-date old browser etc. becomes the reason of slow connection. When the customer’s computer has a virus, it’s creating much of load and let the computer getting slow. Your service operator is responsible to provide you information about settings to keep the connection speed high or is responsible to do that settings for you.

  • Peak time loading delay

The web server that contains content becomes overloaded if the number of connection request to the server is exceeded the server capacity during peak time. This time, there is a wait occurred in order to receive information. You should try to connect some time later.

  • System settings of the content provider

A lot of kinds of web servers deliver the information to the end customers with different speeds. A web server with higher capacity CPU and higher RAM is able to have much bigger contents than lower-capacity servers.

  • Connections speed of content provider

As same as mentioned before, the connection speed of end customer may vary due to the connection speed of the content provider to internet or the capacity of digital channel. In other words, if the content provider’s internet connection speed is not enough, the customer will connect to that page with lower speed despite having the high local internet connection speed.

  • Delay/Non response due to external factors

Sometimes the speed decreases due to load and delay on the route of call transfer in foreign countries.

Service provider operators are responsible to make clear the information regards with management of broadband connection network very much to the personal customers of wired connection.

CRC set the minimum speed to be delivered to rural soums as mandatory and the service provider companies are obliged to do so.

If you have hindrance with your broadband internet connection, you may contact with your service provider and get recommendations to increase your connection speed.

Regards with the security of wireless network

Why this is important to keep the security of wireless network?

Unauthorized or non-registered user in the wireless internet network may damage or use any of file in your computer, which is connected with others through network.

They may use your wireless network as a tool of unwanted actions, such as advertising pornography. Not at all, your internet connection speed decreases dramatically if other people use your wireless network. Letting other people use your wireless network may lead you to be considered as violated the contract you’ve signed with service provider, depends on terms and conditions of your contract.

How to protect the wireless network?

4 level actions are to be taken to protect the wireless network.

1. To change the password given to you by administrator;

2. To connect Protected Access (WPA, WPA2) or Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) keys in Wi-Fi;

3. Turn off the transmitter in Service Set Identifier (SSID) which identifies you’re in the wireless network coverage; or

4. Change the SSID name given to you

Order of actions to provide security of the network can be seen from the manual, which is provided together with the network security tool or router. Out of that, the producer may provide instructions regards with the network securityat the easiest level when doing the settings.

How to know which wireless network you’re using?

Open Wireless Network Connection window or other windows with similar name in Network Connections menu and identify the network you’re currently using. If you know you’re connected to non-authorized wireless network, disconnect and connect to networks that you’re authorized to use.

  • Why free internet cannot be used when the wireless security is not provided?
  • If you use a wireless network which belongs to another person or you’re not authorized to use his network, your connection will be considered not guaranteed. There will be legal offences regards with that. That person may track or monitor your surf between internet sites or may steal your information. That person may track your internet search through his wireless network and use your electronic password.
  • Where is free-of-charge wireless zone?
  • There are a several free wireless zones in UB City. Those are located mostly around IT Park where most universities and institutes located and around central office of Telecom Mongolia JVC and at the airport … etc. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and decide whether to use the free wireless or not when activating your internet browser in that area. You may get advices from operational staffs on how to use free wireless internet.