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Postal service recommendations

1. What is the national standard and criteria on domestic postal service?

CRC works to establish fair competition environment in the market and support customers and multi-side and new services.

Traditional monopoly service given up and competition emerged in international postal cargo service, which opened wide selection for customers. Inter-city postal service is provided by Mongol Post LLC only, which is the traditional service provider.CRC set the mandatory criteria of universal service obligation of Mongol Post LLC, such as control period to deliver postal cargo, service coverage etc.

National standard names regards with the domestic postal service can be found from our web page.

2. How to select the international cargo service provider?

Particular service providers and branches of service operators with world-wide networks work on the international cargo market of Mongolia. You can see the list of service providers from our web site. You also can find tariff and service fee of the companies from their respective web pages and information lines for your comparison. You should also pay attention to their delivery period and package etc.

You’re recommended to check the service operator’s license to work on that particular direction of international cargo service and its validity period.

3. How to know where the international cargo has delayed before being delivered to the addressed person?

Service operators who have the world wide postal delivery network has a track system in place to search the cargo with its reference number. You can track it with internet, or get it searched and provided with reference by the service provider.

International cargo service providers of the particular directions don’t have their own network. You can refer to them directly over the phone.

Service providers are obliged to resolve the offences such as exceeding delivery period, lost the way, damaged the package or lost the cargo etc. in accordance with regulation of the World Post Association.

If you have the reference number of your cargo, you can track it in the general reference of international cargo delivery and cargo transport with the transporter’s name.  www.track-trace.com