LAST UPDATE: 2016/03/02

International organizations

The CRC has maintained and expanded its involvement in international cooperation. CRC represents Mongolia in the international bodies, namely the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Asia and the Pacific Tele-community (APT), Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), International Institute of Communications (IIC) and other international organizations, and ensures that the industry complies with various international agreements on telecommunications technical standards.

The cooperation between the CRC and international organizations has focused on key advances for IPv6 deployment, type approval, conformity and interoperability, 4G mobile policy and regulation and unified license.

Within the scope of the initiative of development of cooperation with the international organizations, the CRC actively participates in national, regional and international events, but also the CRC invites related experts to Mongolia for making a training, seminar and consulting service.

Word Radio Conference 2015

The WRC is held every three to four years and is responsible for the review and – if necessary –the modification of Radio Regulation along with addressing worldwide radio communication matters.  The WRC-15 brought together 3300 participants, representing 162 out of ITU’s 193 Member States including 500 participants representing 130 other entities attending as observers. The team led by Mr. Jadambaa, Chairman of the ITPTA and Mr. Balgansuren, Chairman and Ceo of the CRC has successfully participated the WRC 2015.

APNIC Regional Meeting

The CRC has successfully organized first Regional Meeting of APNIC in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 19 October 2015. Around 50 members of the Mongolian networking community attended the half-day event.

APNIC Regional Meetings (ARMs) are forums where APNIC Members and stakeholders can meet with their peers in their community and neighboring economies to share their Internet resource management experiences.

Local speakers from Mobicom Networks LLC, Internet Exchange Point of Mongolia, Gemnet LLC, Information Communications Network Company and Sky Networks shared their thoughts on industry topics such as IPv6, data centres, network security and root servers.

Next Generation Mobile Telecommunications

The seminar on the “Next Generation Mobile Telecommunications” was jointly organized with the Communications Regulatory Commissions and GSMA in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 8th and 9th December 2015. Mr. Joe Guan,
Spectrum Policy & Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Asia Pacific of GSMA and Ms. Helena Kannan Partner and Delivery Coordinator Intern of GSMA was invited as speaker and moderator of the seminar.

Panelists from the ITPTA, Mobicom Cooperation LLC, Skytel LLC, G-Mobile LLC, Unitel LLC and representatives from the CRC were participated in the seminar and created fruitful discussion on next generation mobile,  radio frequency spectrum for high speed broadband and future trend of high speed internet.


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