Spectrum Licensing

Using a radio frequency is a subject of approval and operational licensing by corresponding authority in any country. In Mongolia, license or certificate for radio frequency usage shall be issued by CRC according to the Mongolian Radio Wave Law. License required to provide public service through radio frequency and certificate required to use radio frequency for organizational or internal use only.

In order apply for the license or certificate the following documents are required to be submitted:

  • Formal letter with name, address, telephone, fax number, e-mail and mail address of the applicant;
  • Copy of certificate that proves the eligibility of the legal entity or person;
  • Detailed description of the public service or usage of the radio frequency;
  • Radio frequency and radio frequency band that is interested to be used;
  • Radio equipment topology, geographic location and coverage map;
  • Antenna type, specification;
  • Equipment technical specifications, network block diagram;
  • Certificate of type approval issued by an authorized organization that certified the radio equipment.

Upon successful application, the regulator will issue license or certificate to use specific radio frequencies for a specified purpose within a specified region.


Application forms for Spectrum license:

Application form Guidance to fill the application form
1 Mobile service  
2 Satellite service Satellite
3 FM, AM, MMDS, MUDS - Broadcasting FM, AM, MMDS, MUDS - Broadcasting
4 Радио релейRadio link Radio link
5 WiFi, WiMax - BWA WiFi, WiMax - BWA


  • Application form for extension of radio frequency operation license and certificate

You can get advices from relevant specialists through telephone, e-mail, in person etc. while preparing the license materials.

Radio frequency regulation and monitoring department: 

Phone: 304258

Fax: 327720

E-mail :info@crc.gov.mn

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