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Interactions of radio & TV broadcasts

Interactions of radio & TV broadcasts

Advices for customers regards with the issues which may occur to decoders of radio & TV broadcast:


Impacts occur due to non-arrangement of connection resistance between the antenna and decoder. The multiplication coefficient of the antenna must be matching with the receiving signal. Generally, indoor antennas are easy to be affected with electro-magnetic influence. The antenna can be placed on lower placewhere the decoder is close to the broadcaster and has a strong signal. However, if you have interactions, the antenna is better to be placed outdoor. This issue is same for FM radio decoder while AM radio decoders mostly have outdoor antennas and have a less interactions.

Other effects

Electric and household facilities create radio wave effects. For example, washing machines, vacuum cleaner and any electric devices with engine are considered as strong effect-makers.

High-voltage electric lines create strong radio wave effects to TV and radio decoders widely. If this effect is occurred on your decoder, you should approach to the electric network company of your district.

Signal level

This kind of effect occurs when the decoder is far from signal coverage of distribution. The distributers of TV and radio are required to place geographically efficiently after calculating the coverage efficiently.

For TV: the image become “snowy” due to weak signal. It can be resolved with outdoor antenna or antenna multiplication device in place.

For radio: AM decoder receives a lot of noise or waves overlapped.

What should you do in the above mentioned cases?

To check the antenna system. If it’s working properly, you should contact to technical service provider or antenna specialist.


TV image is same with the previous case. It can be created through the direct signal of the broadcaster is overlapped with the signal which reflected on other construction or major facilities on the decoder.

For FM radios, the sound will be heard overlapped. In car radio, FM radio sound will be heard as shaky.

What should you do in the above mentioned cases?

Move the antenna a little bit, relocate the antenna or make it higher. If it has no result, you should contact with the antenna specialist and get a different kind of antenna that suits with your decoder.

Overlapped channel effect

TV broadcasts with different frequencies and different locations could overlap on the customer’s decoder at same time, at same channel. Due to weather conditions, a strong signal from far located distributer may overlap the close located distributer with same frequency on the decoder.

What should you do in the above mentioned cases?

It can be temporary due to the weather. If it lasts permanently, you need to change your antenna.


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