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Guidance for service providers

What do the ICT sector service providers and producers do?



Main issues to be considered

Regulation of ICT sector


To develop joint standard and relevant recommendations regards with protection of children from online (threat).

Main purpose is to develop the sector-wide methods (of the protection).



To assess the possibilities for well-ordered and interconnected global actions to protect children in online or internet-connected virtual environment

To pay attention to develop possibilities to collect possible threats and activate information exchange among the kinds of participants.



To establish general representation of many kinds of sector (broadcasting companies, internet or mobile phone companies) with the purpose of developing operational or ethic rules which may help to organize more efficient cooperation with private sector in ICT sector of the member countries of ITU.

To establish a cooperation mechanism between the Government and private sector of ICT to exchange information and to establish particular opportunities to minimize risks and improve children’s ability to use ICT.






To develop a general method to resolve complaints. The purpose is to avoid to make confusion for customers/users by adding complaints regards with external duties and functions to the internal system operation of radio broadcaster organization or overload police or other organization with problems which they are unable to solve or services which they are not responsible for.



To develop general standard and recommendations to establish methods to protect children in online environment with wide possibility to cooperate. These methods are to be used in all sectors



To develop a project to develop methods in the sector to get permission from parents for their children’s access to the contents depending on their age, at least at a regional level.

Strategic policy to protect children in online environment of internet is to minimize or prohibit the approach to dangerous site or those sites with illegal contents or actions. Internet service provider (ISP) is to provide children and their parents with easy tool to make it possible to decrease the main danger through controlling the actions in internet.

Internet service providers


Language and terminology of internet site and web 2.0 service must have efficient and understandable with correct meaning for all the customers, particularly children, young people and their parents and care-takers regards with the terms of the site use, policy to keep information security and reporting mechanism.

Reporting of problematic issues such as illegal or abusive actions etc.: It’s critical for service providers to have a well-organized procedure to solve complaints. For example, the providers are required to receive complaints regards with improper or prohibited sites and solve the problem through eliminating the contents those raising issues as soon as possible. Service providers are required to consider the possibilities to establish the following mechanism based on their opportunities. Of which: notes of profiles, which are prohibited or high-risky for children or teenagers, is to be attached to the misuse report. If necessary, any of reports are possible to be delivered to the law enforcement organizations. The service provider should create a possibility to see the report on their web page and services through clicking on “misused” button if possible. It can be a recognizable general button on a constant place in any part of screen. The reporting mechanism can improve the report through the assistance of technical solutions offered by the customer, who is sending the report. For example: screenshots, statistic data about connections, possibilities to add the list of actions made, information for customers on how to make an efficient report etc.



Service providers are required to conduct a survey on possibilities to include or not to include “which” actions in the service for particularly teenager users and their parents and care-takers, in an easy and efficient language. This information must be included in the terms of service contract as an additional. The service provider must constantly improve the efficiency of technology that determines ages of the customers.

To develop a solution to establish reliable, and most importantly, safe internet service, which is flexible in terms of legal and technical perspective, for their particular service (if the service is legally prohibited for age-restricted people). Those solutions are required to be used in number of ways to restrict access of age-restricted people, to prohibit the content or service with age restriction or on the actions to provide service for children only (without control of parents).



Service provider is to have an active relationship with local and national law enforcement organization to report as soon as it knows about illegal action taken by children. The service provider is to have an additional procedure to control the performance of function under local or international laws against illegal contents. The service provider is also to conclude the commercial-type contents hosted on their server regularly and to do everything possible to keep illegal or very dangerous content out of their network, including and image-recognizing software.


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