LAST UPDATE: 2021/05/19

Happy World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Today marks world telecommunication and Information Society Day.  156 years ago, the telecommunication Convention was first established on May 17, 1865, in Paris, France.
The organization was later renamed the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1932, and Mongolia became an official member in 1964. The ITU, a specialized agency of the United Nations, currently has 193 countries as member states. 

Adapted from the opening remarks of ITU Secretary-General Mr. Houlin Zhao:
The pandemic has brought us many challenges. ICTs have proven to be a powerful tool in keeping businesses running and our lives going. Still, many opportunities and challenges lie ahead. That is why digital transformation must accelerate for a better future.

Yet if we continue on our current path at this pace, it will be very difficult to achieve the SDGs and connect the other half of humanity by the end of the decade.

Now is the time to accelerate digital transformation!

With those not connected living largely in poor areas that struggle to attract investors, and with limited investment resources not always being focused on ICT infrastructure, what we need now is a new mindset. A new strategy that promotes investments in ICTs and encourages all actors to make the best use of limited resources.

On this day and beyond, I hope that we can all pull together to build back better with ICTs and unite the world in pursuit of digital transformation in every area of business, all parts of life, and for everyone.

Happy World Telecommunication and Information Society day to all personnel of the telecommunications and information technology industry!
#WTISD -World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

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Happy World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
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