LAST UPDATE: 2021/04/12

22 telecommunication license services are now available from the E-MONGOLIA integrated e-service system

The Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) operates the website to make the licensing of the telecommunications sector a step-by-step process in order for Mongolia to become an “e-nation”, provide e-government services, and e-transition. By linking the website to the integrated government e-service system website the, it has become possible to provide 22 telecommunications license services to citizens, businesses, and organizations online.


Citizens, business entities, and organizations can use the following services in the telecommunications sector using the website and

1. Acquire registration certificate

2.Acquire Internet service license

3.Establish and use information and communication networks

4.Acquire license to use radio frequency

5.Establish and use satellite communication network

6.Acquire license for satellite communications

7.Acquire fixed telephone network license

8.Communication network and infrastructure, installation and maintenance

9.Certificate of confirmation and certification of communication equipment

10.Establish and own postal network

11.Postal service license

12.Extension of mobile network license

13.Acquire license to use radio frequencies for mobile network services

14.Acquire license to use radio frequencies for commercial radio (ultra-shortwave) services

15.Acquire license to use radio frequencies for Internet services

16.Use of radio frequencies and licensing for multi-channel transmission services (Other)

17.Use of radio frequencies and licensing for multi-channel transmission services (Satellite transmission)

18.Radiofrequency license renewal - Commercial radio

19.Acquire license to use radio frequencies for radio and television, ground network services

20.Acquire license to use radio frequencies for the establishment, ownership, and use of satellite communication networks

21.Acquire license to use radio frequencies for satellite communications services

22.Acquire subscription-based television license

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