LAST UPDATE: 2016/03/04

Quality of Service

CRC sets and monitors Quality of Service (QoS) to regulate the performance of key services offered by operators, ranging from basic telecom to mobile and Internet access services.

Quality of Service

CRC regulates the performance of key services offered by operators by setting Quality of Service (QoS) indicator  and requiring the operators to comply with the Quality of  Service (QoS) key indicators established by CRC.

Operators measure and submit reports to CRC ,  the performance results, achieved for the various indicators. From time to time, where feasible, the key indicators are reviewed and modified to meet with the growing demand of service.

 CRC regularly reviews the QoS requirements to take into account industry and technology changes, as well as changes in consumer demand, to ensure that the requirements remain relevant.

Quality of Service Reports

CRC monitors the quality of information and communication  services provided by service providers, such as basic telecoms, mobile, internet access, audio-visual service and postal services.

To find out how service providers of internet , mobile (3G) , distribution of audio-visual media are performing, CRC provides updated Quality of Service (QoS) reports here.

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