LAST UPDATE: 2017/11/08


The 2nd Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference and Asia-Pacific Digital Societies Policy Forum 2016 were designed for Policy Makers, Regulators, and organizations related to National Spectrum management, jointly organized by ITU and the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) between 25th and 28th of April 2016, in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Amgalan Zandraa, Director General and Mr. Chuluunbat Tsendsuren of the Radio Frequency Regulation and Monitoring Department of the Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia had participated the above mentioned event on behalf on Mongolian ICT sector. The event involved more than 300 participants from Asia Pacific Regional ICT sector stakeholders and shared their best practices, discussed current issues regarding spectrum management. . The conference focused on developing appropriate radio frequency policy and regulation, the importance of the Spectrum management for countries ICT development, adaptation and harmonized solutions for advanced new technologies, radio frequency allocation, spectrum refarming and available spectrum for future IMT, IoT . WRC-15 decisions, outcomes, and effect on the Asia-Pacific Region during the event. The objective of the forum was to highlight digital economy, digital money, cybersecurity, trends of new advanced ICT technologies, policy and regulation, innovations, ICT sector issues and solutions.

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