If you are to approach CRC to get license, please read the following recommendations.

1. Study laws, regulations, terms and requirements

If you’re to run operation in communications sector, first of all, you need to be familiar with relevant laws, regulations, related rules, terms and requirements and payment (regulatory service fee).

2. Collecting materials and relevant evidences

According to the procedure to issue license, a formal letter for the license is required as well as the application form and other required documents.

Note: If the network or service requires radio frequency, relevant documents of radio frequency will be required.

Purpose and framework of the communications service, facilities and technologies to be used that written down in details, certain and fairly when filling the application form as well as completion of the required documents will help the specialists to make conclusion and your license to be resolved easily.

Relevant specialist’s recommendation will be available upon request through phone, e-mail or in person, while collection of the license materials is in progress.

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3. Making an application to CRC

Submit the collected materials together with the formal letter to CRC. Please find the address from here

The Commission shall have the meeting at least once a month according to the procedure and inform the applicant in written within 3 business days after the decision had been made whether to issue the license or not.

The Commission may refuse to issue the license based on the reasons stated on the Provision 14.2 of the Law on Communications and the Provision 11.2.2 of the Law on Radio Wave. In this case, the applicant shall be notified with written explanation.

If radio frequency is to be used for the network or service, the license for that network or service shall be resolved with the license to use the radio frequency.

4. Signing a contract, paying the payment

If an applicant has received the decision to issue the license, the applicant shall take draft contract of the license and invoice for regulatory service fee and state stamp (signature) fee from the license specialist and income accountant respectively.

The license shall be issued after the Chairman and CEO of the Commission has signed and sealed on it and the relevant payment has been paid.

5. To work and fulfill contract duties, terms and requirements

You are obliged to fulfill the terms and requirements of the contract and/or the license and follow the resolutions and procedures of CRC within the validity period of the license.

The license shall be terminated if the license holder has not started the operation stated on the license within 1 year after issuance of the license, according to the Provision 15.1.3 of the Law on Communications and the Provision 18.1 of the Law on Radio Wave.

6. To extend the license

A request to extend the license shall be made on formal letter and submitted to CRC together with a report form filled and payment slip at least 21 days before expiry of the license.

The extension of the license shall be made based on the relevant department’s conclusion which reviewed the fulfillment of terms and requirements within the license term.

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