Licensing and Registration

Licensing and Registration

Licenses for radio and television frequencies in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan and Erdenet cities, and public use mobile and fixed communications radio frequencies are awarded through competitive bidding selection (tendering) in accordance with the Radio Wave Law of Mongolia and the Procedures on Competitive Award of Licenses for Radio Frequancy Utilization respectively. Frequencies for other services, including rural service provisioning, are allocated if the applicant satisfies all terms and requirements subject to the requested frequency availability.

Radio frequency authorization is granted in two types, which are “License” and “Certificate” in accordance with the Law on Radio Wave of Mongolia.

Radio frequency license – CRC issued a total of 179 organizations and business entities submitted requests to obtain the special licenses for radio frequency (2012). Upon the decision of the CRC Commission meetings, 53 of the total requests were approved to get the special licenses, which met the requirements and conditions for special license.

The contracts for special license of 20 business entities and organizations that had expired were renewed and extended. Upon the Committee meeting 1 special licenses had been cancelled which had payment problem; the contracts were expired and did not met with related law and requirements.

LAST UPDATE: 2013/03/21